Osteotomy Scar update, 2 years on

In January 2018, I underwent a Tibial Osteotomy operation in the UK. I had been suffering from the onset of arthritis on my right knee and needed a solution that would avoid a knee replacement operation and get my life back to some level of normality.

Oh, the memories of the metal plates supporting my tibia. I keep forgetting, its major surgery

With Covid-19 lockdown restrictions still in play in the UK, I have tried to keep up my fitness and exercise regime. Getting back on to my mountain bike and cycling on quiet roads on a sunny day, are great! I have been logging my activities on Strava and have covered 250km per month since march; not bad considering I cycled 200km in total between 2018-2019.

The activity I miss the most is weight training. The loss of muscle mass around my knee is telling and some pain has returned. At least the gyms reopen in July. I guess I lack motivation of weight training at home as I really want to get out of the house for a change of scene; especially when working from home.

I wanted to share the status of my operation scars. If you are part way through your recovery journey, it may serve useful to set some expectations.

My initial tibial Osteotomy was in January 2018, and in March 2019 I went back to hospital to remove the metal plates and screws.

As a reminder, this is my leg post operation:

metal pins applied where incisions were made below the right knee

What the scarring looks like today

Scarring shows up in the summer but not as prevalent

I am left with a 7.5 cm scar and using Bio Oil (or similar products) has helped in hiding some of the blemishes. The a vertical cut (as seen in the previous picture) and is barely visible. I am still experiencing loss of nerve sensation on my shin, but you get used to it.

Until my next post – I wont leave the next post too far away.