4th year after Osteotomy, winter looming

Bad knee, dodgy knee, laziness…heard them all

I will be reaching my 4th year after my Tibial Osteotomy in the next few months.

I’m so glad that I had this surgery rather than a knee replacement. Over the summer I met a silightly elder relative who had a partial knee replacement a year ago and it was noticeable that he was unable to walk as he used to. Now that may be due to that person no following his physio regime and picking up bad habits. The Osteotomy does defer a knee operation to much later in life. I’m glad to report that I do not carry those traits whatsoever; I took physio very seriously.

I’m still going to the gym and pushing weights. I do notice weakness at times and whenever I do hillclimbing, I’m always worried about being steady on my feet during a hill descend on uneven surfaces.

Over the last few months I am feeling pain in my left knee in a similar spot and thinking of seeing a specialist about an Osteotomy on my left leg…its not as bad as my right knee during the height of my pain but may kick this off in the new year.

2 thoughts on “4th year after Osteotomy, winter looming

  1. Hi there, I’ve been following your blog and don’t think I’ve commented before, but wanted to let you know I appreciate you documenting your journey with your osteotomy. I’m in my mid-40s and have “bad knees” — haven’t been to see a doctor yet (they have improved a fair bit after I gave up running), but I figure there’s a good chance some kind of medical intervention will be called for at some point in the future, and your blog is a great source of info for what to possibly expect should an osteotomy ever become a potential course of action for my situation. I’m sure your blog is likewise of great help to others in the “bad knee” department. Super helpful to hear an actual person’s first-hand experience. Thanks!

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    1. Thank you for your feedback.
      It was my surgeon’s recommendation that I share my stories as the osteotomy procedure was not so prevalent at the time.
      Sometimes a change in lifestyle helps delay the inevitable. You may be into something here.


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