Covid, WFH, and avoiding knee pain

In January 2018, I underwent a Tibial Osteotomy operation in the UK. I had been suffering from the onset of arthritis on my right knee and needed a solution that would avoid a knee replacement operation and get my life back to some level of normality.

Hello all,

It’s been such a long time since my post and its not as if I’ve been jetsetting around living a rockstar lifestyle. Like everyone else, its WFH, lockdown and getting used to the world we have to live in during the pandemic.

My employers, DXC Technology is a decent company for employee work/life balance and support. I was able to upgrade my home office chair and get a foot rest for home working, courtesy of DXC. What a difference.

Good posture and feet positioning does have a positive impact on lower joints. I used to feel a little pained if i am sat for long periods of time, but not so much now

Good back support and positioning of knees really helps.

So, during lockdown, what have I been doing around exercising and and what is the knee pain like now post Osteotomy?

When the gym was closed, i took to my mountain bike and averaged 22km a day during my lunch breaks. Keeping the weight off is still my focus. I have lost 3 kg but really need to drop another 10kg. I tried to avoid snacking and I now try to cut out excess sugar , and have switched to sweetener and low sugar/fat alternatives. My wife is now buying gluten free and lactose free produce in her quest to either torture me or help me lose weight.

Now that the gym is open again, its all about cross training and running on the treadmill. I did notice my calf muscle on my operated leg still lacks a little definition.

On cold days i do feel the pain of bone rubbing bone, but it really is not as bad as it was 12 months ago. The pain never really goes away 100%, but we just need to live our lives.

I think i need a new focus in 2021 to step up my momentum – a sprint tri or sportiv event maybe?

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