Cycle or Running event ? decision made…

In January 2018, I underwent a Tibial Osteotomy operation in the UK. I had been suffering from the onset of arthritis on my right knee and needed a solution that would avoid a knee replacement operation and get my life back to some level of normality.

It has been a long time since I posted a blog, recovering from an umbilical hernia and then getting mad busy at work have caused distractions.

This is the second year of operations for me and requiring time to recover (removal of metal plates from leg and then an umbilical hernia repair) just makes things look shitty as you are forced to make life adjustments to make sure recovery is good. Now I have clear runway to do more challenging things..

I met with a good friend this week who wants to do a few triathlons, 10k runs and cycle sportive in 2020 and he got me excited – however a reality check is needed.

So…I have been scratching around on what I can do physically….I’d love to take part in running. I can run on a treadmill but road running is painful. Also my knee is still suspect to heavy workouts…if I walk more than 8km, I feel swelling and pain. I have been adding muscle mass to compensate but the pain is still there.

Cycling it has to be !

Maybe a few 30 and 50 Mile events in the UK for starters that commence in March. At least there is a target and a training plan to make up; from now until then..

Later in the year, would be great to take part in the UK Coast to Coast cycle, a few days on the road on a MTB. See here

Some days I feel like I can swim, bike and run, other days it feels like I need to get an electric bike and pretend to burn the calories.

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