Post Tibial Osteotomy- recovery from the removal of metal plates

In January 2018, I underwent a Tibial Osteotomy operation at the One Hatfield Hospital in the UK. I had been suffering from the onset of arthritis on my right knee and needed a solution that would avoid a knee replacement operation and get my life back to some level of normality.

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Its been a while since I last blogged an update as my daughter guest blogged about our family trip to Mexico; she is writing another post and will appear once she is done. 

OK, so my last post ended with me returning home after the removal of the metal plates that was conducted by Mr Minhal Chatoo at the One Hatfield Hospital in March 2019 (earlier this year).

Whilst at home I realized that I get a very bad reaction to Codiene so had to stop taking that pain killer; rather stayed on the Ibuprofen and paracetamol.

Lets focus on the recovery points..

2 Days after operation

The swelling had reduced. Pain killers were working and I was able to move around slowly on crutches. The arrow was drawn on my leg by the surgeon (so he doesn’t carve open the wrong leg).

2 Weeks after operation

Mobility was better as I was using the crutches on occasion and visited the gym to do light cycle work. I wanted to build up stamina. It did help that prior to this operation that I had continued doing the exercises given to me by my physio as well as the work done in the gym. This way I was moving and recovering much faster than the previous year.

3 weeks after the operation

So a close up of the scar and I am pleased with the outcome. No infection but just the pain expected from further bone healing after the removal of the plates and screws.

In my next blog I will return to a Q & A post sharing questions I was asked by friends and family.

If you are about to go into surgery or at home in recovery mode, why not shoot me a few questions?

4 thoughts on “Post Tibial Osteotomy- recovery from the removal of metal plates

  1. Hi
    I’m scheduled to have my Tomofix plate removed in a couple of weeks.
    I had an open wedge high tibial osteotomy in 2019. What would you expect my lay off time from work to be?
    I’m a Joiner so spend a lot of time on my knees or clambering up roofs, etc so I’d expect it to be longer than if I was an office worker or similar?
    Many thanks


    1. Hi there,

      Firstly I can only speak from my experience as i am not a medical expert.

      I found the recovery time to be much shorter than the original Osteotomy, but remember the screw holes in your tibia need to heal so it will take time. The physio advice and building lost muscles is key to recovery.

      Good luck!


      1. Thank you for replying so quickly. Yeah I was forgetting about how the screw holes. Do they fill them with any kind of graft like they do with the open wedge? Or do they just heal up on their own? Cheers, Brian


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