Quickfire questions on life before and after Osteotomy procedure.

So this blog is written by Priya. We met with my surgeon Mr Minhal Chatoo at the One Hatfield hospital on 8th May and he recommended Priya interviews me to share how life has changed pre- and post- Osteotomy.

Hi, Priya here. I thought of a bunch of questions to ask my dad about his progress.

This is Hertford Castle, near where we live and where we went for a walk.

How has the pain around your leg changed since the Osteotomy operation?
Every day and every week I notice that the pain is getting less. However I do notice new pains appearing. The swelling in my leg is still there but is gradually reducing. The Osteotemy does entail bone cutting, drilling, cutting deep into flesh, muscle and many nerves. It does take a long time for the healing process to complete.

What life changes have you made since your first diagnosis?

I have made an effort to lose weight and eat the right foods. I have cut down alcohol, sugar and some types of meat. I have had to stop jogging due to the impact on my knees however I have now started going to the gym more where I run on the treadmill, use the cross trainer and lift weights to strengthen my core. If I can lose more weight I may be able to run again.

How has the operation influenced your life now?

To be more aware of long term health. I know I cannot run as much or kick a football about as much, so I need to find new sports/pass times to get involved in. Also life is about longevity so doing the right exercise is key.

How might the operation impact others around you?

As his daughter I have seen a urge in my father to lose weight and really exercise more. The effect this has on me is that as a family we go out and walk in different new locations on a weekly basis. This is a more active effect on my life and it’s for the better, as we are also eating healthier and experimenting more activities.

How do you think you can help others?

If you are young enough and want to continue having an active life, there is an alternative to a knee replacement surgery. The operation does give you the chance to defer such an intrusive operation for a number of years. The psychological impact of getting your life back to a normal balance is very important.

5 thoughts on “Quickfire questions on life before and after Osteotomy procedure.

  1. Hello,

    I am reading with interest as I am due to have this surgery soon. I am trying to work out if the blog is written retrospectively. I understand you had your surgery a year ago, is that right? If so, what is life like one year on, are you ‘back to normal’?



    1. Hi fitartist,

      I did have the surgery last year and kept a diary. More entries to follow in terms of rehab so please read on or shoot me questions.

      So 12 months on… in January I went back to hospital to have the plates removed and last week I was discharged. I am building up strength to run —- pre op I had no chance….


      1. Thank you for responding so quickly! I am finding your blog posts really helpful, as you say, there isn’t much information out there!

        It’s reassuring to hear you are building back to running, but I had wondered how long it can take and a year seems so long!

        I will continue to read with interest.


      2. Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback.

        It’s did take me more time to start running; I had lost confidence due to the pain I was experiencing pre-op. The thought of the pain returning had an impact however the physiotherapy is very important as well as weight control.. Having lost weight and doing solid gym based training has got me in good shape to do some road running.


  2. I will definitely be working hard on my physio exercises, I’m determined to regain the fitness I have lost recently (and yes, it’s harder to keep a healthy weight when your activity is limited 😦 )

    Good luck with your return to running!

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