Arthoscopy compounding the underlying issue – Osteotomy the answer?

In early 2017 I underwent an Arthroscopy and debridement procedure on my right knee. Essentially they removed loose cartilage debris and to shave my knee bone where there were abnormalities. This was a symptom of the early onset of arthritis in the knee and a possible knee replacement in my later life.

Whilst i was undergoing physiotherapy, there was a noticeable remnant pain in my right inside leg. I was recommended later in the year to meet with a knee specialist. Physiotherapy outlined another issue with my knee. Loiza and the kids also noticed that after my leg surgery that my right leg was becoming more “bow” as well. I was unable to run, even on a treadmill and i added weight on.

Something had to be done. I met with the recommended Surgeon Mr Minhal Chatoo in Hitchin Hospital.

Mr Minhal Chatoo,  Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon 

I underwent a MRI scan as well as a full leg X-ray. All this happened in November/December 2017. On meeting with Mr Chatoo, he recommended a Tibial
Osteotomy (

Prior to having the surgery i looked for blogs, use cases of people who had undertaken this type of surgery so that i can understand this type of surgery- its very thin.

3 thoughts on “Arthoscopy compounding the underlying issue – Osteotomy the answer?

  1. I am just about to ring mr chatti re an osteotomy, I’ve worn and unloader brave for two mo the and it’s helped but I hateit.
    I can across you blog and wondered how you are now? I’m usually very fit and active and he’s already said a knee replacement is not good for me so looking to this to get me back in the gym and on my bike.
    I’d love to know how it is for you 4 years down the line


    1. Hello Julia,
      Firstly Mr Chatoo is an excellent surgeon and advisor. During my consultation he did mention lifestyle adjustments that will give the knee more time to function. Yes, avoid a knee surgery as best as possible however an Osteotemy is major surgery.
      4 Years on, I am at the gym, walking, jogging , cycling. I will never be 100% but it does get better.

      The after surgery physio is a must!

      Good luck.


  2. thank you, i am booked in for mine next week. half dreading it half be glad to get it done. Looking forward to getting my active life back, thank you so much for your blog its been really helpful. Isnt mr Chat a really nice man!


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