Priya’s travels in Malaysia

I recently got back from Malaysia where I stayed for just under 2 weeks. I originally flew to Kuala Lumpur and got a connecting flight to a beautiful island called Langkawi. Langkawi is a stunning island that is covered by lush rainforest. I was lucky enough to stay in the rainforest and I saw loads of animals: spiders, lizards, butterflies, tons of monkeys and a scorpion.

  Langkawi is home to a cable car which is at the top of a high mountain, the best views of the island are seen from there. With a skybridge as another attraction it was definitely worth  going there. A mangrove tour at the north of the island was extremely fun with views of Thailand and a bat cave that smelt horrible!

The beaches were beautiful and the people were lovely and heart warming. Crab, lobster, tiger prawns were just a few exotic foods that we ate. Overall I really enjoyed this holiday and highly recommend the island to whoever wants to go to Asia.

A picture i took on my iphone.

Then I went to Kuala Lumpur (also known as KL) and it was completely different! There was lots of light pollution and pollution its self from all the inner city traffic – KL was very busy and was very cosmopolitan with people from different backgrounds everywhere, but mainly Malay, Chinese and Indian heritage.

Chinatown was packed with foods. sounds and smells I’ve never witnessed before. The Petronas Towers were amazing and even better at night. The shopping malls were crazy as they were huge and one even had an indoor theme park. It was a enjoyable experience because it was a big contrast from where we had recently stayed.

Overall, Malaysia is a country like no other, because the people were kind and the cultural differences didn’t matter. 

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